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You can browse RFQs that are waiting to be quoted in the AliSource Channel

(1). You can search suitable RFQs by keywords or categories. Go to alisource channel
(2). In the RFQ listing page, you can filter results by 'Category', 'Date Approved' and 'Country/Region'. You can also filter RFQs by 'RFQ form', those with attachment(s), those with photo(s) and those open to quotation replies.
(3). Click the RFQ subject to view the RFQ in detail. If you want to submit a quotation, simply click 'Quote Now'.

To check the details of an RFQ: a) In Recommended RFQs, click the subject of the RFQ that you want to see.

(2).You'll be linked to a page where detailed information of the RFQ will be displayed. If you want to submit a quotation, simply click 'Quote Now'.

(3).You may visit 'Buyer Profile' and 'Buyer Activities' to learn more about the buyer. If you have any doubts, click 'Report this RFQ' to let Alibaba.com know.

Complete quotation
(1). To submit your quotation online, please click Quote Now (found on the details page of every RFQ).

(2). In the 'Quotation Form' page, you can always click View More to refer back to the RFQ that you want to quote. You can also click 'Import product details from my website' to import existing product details.

N.B. a) Complete all sections of the form, giving as detailed information as possible.
b) If you are quoting 2 or more products, click Add More for more space.

-c) If you have files that need to be uploaded (quotations, photos, catalogs, etc.), you can browse and upload them online.
-d) If you are ready to give a price, or have information or questions for the buyer, add these here before submit.

Submit quotation
Upon successful quotation submission, Alibaba.com will review your quotation and will contact you for feedback if necessary.

To view your quotations, check their status and/or edit them, please sign in to My Alibaba > Buying Requests > Quotes Management.
a) If your quotation is 'Rejected', you may check the details by clicking 'Check the reason'.

Quotation samples