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What is the service fee of Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance service is free

1) Payment processing fee on buyer: you need to pay a small amount to the bank as processing fee when making payment, and it varies with payment method.

Payment methods

Processing fee

Payment receipt


Visa, MasterCard

2.95% of payment (deducted automatically when buyer makes payment) for order placed from Jun.4, 2018 onwards, and 2.4% for older ones

Payment arrives immediately after payment success from Aug.2, 2018 onwards


Buyer makes payment online


US $15 per transaction (deducted automatically when the buyer makes a payment);

Free from Dec.15, 2017 to March 31, 2019

4-5 working days


Depends on region and banks. Please contact your bank for the details

3-7 working days

To be protected by Trade Assurance, please pay to the supplier's Citibank account (listed on the order detail page)designated by Alibaba.com. You can go to the Order Details page to view the Citibank account details

2)  Service fee on seller:
a. for order amount≤USD5000: seller needs to pay 5% for wholesale products; 1% or 2% for custom products (1% -order must be shipped via Alibaba logistics service,2% -order is not shipped via Alibaba logistics service);
b. for order amount>USD5000: no service fee on seller, and order must be exported via One Touch.

1. If you are charged more than the above fees, please check with your bank if they also deduct fees when you pay.
2. Since the transaction fees are charged by the bank, there is no document or invoice for the fees.


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