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How do I cancel a Trade Assurance order?

Before cancelling an order, it is recommended you contact your supplier to try to reach agreement first. The cancellation method varies with order status.
Scenario 1: For order 'waiting for supplier to confirm the order', click Cancel order. Note: order will be canceled automatically if  supplier doesn't confirm within 30 days.
Scenario 2: For order 'waiting for payment', click Cancel order. Note: order will be canceled automatically if you don't pay within 60 days.
Scenario 3: For order just paid and payment still in processing, there is no way to cancel it. Please wait until payment arrives (payment immediately arrives after check pass via Credit Card, 3-7 business days via T/T and 4-5 working days via e-Checking) and then click 'Apply for refund' to close it.
Scenario 4: For order 'waiting for supplier to ship',  click Apply for refund and close order. Your supplier needs to agree to your request to cancel it. Later our professional refund team will step in to help handle your case.
For order unpaid, both buyer and seller can cancel it.
For order shipped but unpaid, there is 'cancel order' button on seller's end, not on buyer's end. Buyer needs to contact seller to cancel order.
Reminder:If your supplier requests to cancel the order without refund and you agree on it, click Accept, otherwise click Reject.

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