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How do I complete the Trade Assurance order form?

After placing a Trade Assurance order, please fill in the form. Here’s a quick guide:

Part 1: Product details

-    Enter the quantity, unit piece, and clear product requirements.

-    If you are ordering more than one kind of product, click "Add a listed product" or "Add new product"

Part 2: Shipping 

- Select your preferred shipping method (Sea Freight, express, etc.)
- Select your preferred trade terms (FOB, CIF, etc.) 
- Enter the shipping fee and insurance charge if any
- Enter the shipping date. This can be set as a specific date, or set a shipping date as a certain number of days after the initial/total payment has been received

Part 3: Payment details

- Enter the initial payment amount you have negotiated with your supplier
- Please note: currently, your initial payment can be sent by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Credit Card, or e-Checking. We suggest you use USD when making a payment

Part 4: Trade Assurance coverage type

Select the Trade Assurance coverage type as agreed with your supplier. 
Please pay attention to the difference between the two coverage types:
- Post-delivery coverage: Your actual total payment is covered. If the quality does not match the standards in your contract, you will be eligible for a refund within 15 days of clearing customs or 90 days after shipment.
- Pre-shipment coverage: Only your actual initial payment is covered. If the quality does not match the standards in your contract you will be eligible for a refund only before shipment.

Part 5: Additional remarks

Enter any additional remarks in this section. This section is supplementary to the contract. In the event of any dispute between these remarks and the information you have entered above, the above information shall prevail.

Part 6: Submit order

-- After checking that all the information is correct, please click ‘Submit’.

-- The supplier will then confirm your order. You can check your order status in All Orders.

-- The supplier may contact you to discuss the contract. Please check your messages regularly in My Alibaba.

Status: Waiting for the supplier to confirm order

-- Stay in touch with your supplier to ensure the contract is drafted accurately.

-- Check your messages and order status.

-- If you cannot reach an agreement with the supplier, you can cancel the order.

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