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Do I need to pay for Trade Assurance orders in USD?

For Trade Assurance order payment:

If you pay via T/T, the supported currencies are USD / HKD / CNY / AUD / CAD / JYP / EUR / GBP /SGD. However, we recommend you pay in USD. If you use non-USD currency, the supplier might receive less than you paid, due to foreign currency exchange rate. In this case, the supplier might reject your payment.

If you pay via Credit/Debit Card, for the order placed on Feb.1st and onward, multi-currency payment is supported in AUD, CAD and GBP.  Please find the order page message about whether your orders payment supports non-USD currency, .

If you pay via E-checking, it only supports USD.

I received a message saying my initial payment was insufficient. What should I do?

What is the service fee of Trade Assurance?

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