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I received a message saying my initial payment was insufficient. What should I do?

If the supplier received less than you paid, it is possible that bank (remittance bank, intermediary bank, etc.) charged some fees. Please contact your bank for more information.

You can ask the supplier to confirm your payment. After confirmed, your order status will change to ‘Waiting for supplier to ship’. If you need to pay more for the Trade Assurance order, please pay to the same bank account as before.

Processing fees vary with payment method:

Payment methods

Processing fee

Payment receipt

Visa, MasterCard

2.95% of payment (deducted automatically when buyer makes payment) for order placed from Jun.4, 2018 onward, and 2.4% for older ones.

Payment arrives immediately after payment success from Aug.2, 2018 onward


Free from Dec.15, 2017 to March 31, 2019.

After that, fee is US $15 per transaction (deducted automatically when the buyer makes payment)

4-5 working days


Depends on region and banks. Contact your bank for details

3-7 working days

What is the service fee of Trade Assurance?

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