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What are the types of Business Identity?

There are 3 types of Business Identity.

1. Identity Verified Buyers: You have had your company name, company address, company registration number, contact person and your job title checked and confirmed by Alibaba.com or a third-party verification agency against the relevant government records or other third-party databases within the past one year.

You may have conducted a certain amount of activities on the Alibaba.com platform in the past, including, but not limited to: posting Requests for Quotations (RFQs), placing purchase orders online, requesting product inspections from sellers etc. This is based on the records of the Alibaba.com platform.

2. Activity Verified Buyers: You have conducted a certain amount of activities on the Alibaba.com platform, including but not limited to posting Requests for Quotations (RFQs), placing purchase orders, requesting product inspections from sellers, or you have been endorsed as a proper buyer by your qualified business partners and/or suppliers who are registered members of the Alibaba.com platform based on your activities on the Alibaba.com platform. The analysis is based on the records of the Alibaba.com platform but have not yet had your identity checked and confirmed by anyone.

3. Unclear Buyers: You have not had any of your information checked or confirmed by anyone.


The contents contained herein are provided for information purposes only and are provided on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE”, and “WITH ALL FAULTS” basis. Nothing contained herein shall constitute a representation of any kind or form whatsoever on the credibility, reliability, honesty, integrity, credit worthiness, or any kinds of traits or behaviors of the buyer or any other users of the Alibaba.com platform. Nothing herein shall constitute an advice, advertisement, recommendation, or invitation of any form for anyone to enter into transactions with any buyer (in particular buyers that have been categorized by the “Business Identity” tool) or any other user of the Alibaba.com platform. To the maximum extent permitted by any applicable laws, Alibaba.com makes no representation and warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, adequacy, or fitness of purposes of the information contained or provided herein and makes no guarantee that any information relating to any buyer as displayed on the Alibaba.com platform is up-to-date. Furthermore, Alibaba.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning any product or service offered by anyone on the Alibaba.com platform.

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