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What should I do if my RFQ has been rejected?

First, check the given reason:

1. Go to Message Center and find the related RFQ

2. Click the title of the rejected RFQ. Then you will see the detailed reason.
reject RFQ.png

Second, edit the RFQ accordingly before resubmitting.
1. The email address in your Buyer Profile has not been confirmed. Please click here to confirm your email address”. Follow the instructions to confirm your email address. Instructions for email verification is usually sent to your registered email address shortly after you complete the online application form;

2. Key information for your request is missing or incomplete (e.g. material, size, product photo, etc.). Add more details to your RFQ before resubmitting. As the specifications differ in industries, you may search for the product on the home page to get an overview.

3. The product that you want is banned or restricted, (e.g. contraband or branded products). If you want to purchase any branded products, please directly contact the brand owner or the authorized distributor to get permission and to avoid potential infringement(s) of any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). However, if you don't want to purchase any branded products, then please remove the name of the brand from the RFQ.

4. You have duplicate RFQs submitted during the past 7 days. Please wait to receive quotations for your previous RFQ. Note that buying requests for different products in the same industry may be considered as duplicates.

5. The order quantity for your RFQ does not meet the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) typically required by suppliers for this product. Please adjust the order quantity before resubmitting your RFQ. As the MOQs differ in industries, you may search for the product on the home page to get an overview. If your request number is low, you can search on Aliexpress.com, which is a retail market.

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