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How does Inspection Service work?

1.Search for inspectors
1) Go to inspection.alibaba.com and click find inspector1.png

2) Filter inspectors based on your supplier’s location, your industry, language requirements, inspector and inspection type that meets your price and quality needs.inspection filter.png

2. Negotiate with an inspector and place an order

(1). Click contact inspcetorto send an inquiry to an inspector.

(2). Click chat now.pngto chat with inspectors online.

(3). Place an inspection order:

Click the company's name and then click Order Inspection button to start an order:

place inspection order.png
(4) The inspector or company needs to confirm the order. You can sign in to All Inspection Orders to check the status.

all inspection orders.png

Note: Unconfirmed Orders are orders that have not been confirmed by the inspector. Before confirmation, you can modify the order.

Confirmed Orders are orders that have been confirmed by the inspector.

3. Make payment

Once the inspector confirms your order, payment must be made via Alibaba.com's Secure Payment service. The money will be held in Secure Payment until you release it to the inspector after having satisfactorily received the completed Inspection Report.

Remember: do not pay the inspector directly.

Take the following steps to make a payment:

1) Sign in to All Inspection Orders

2) Find the order and click the "Pay Now" button. (Hint: use the "Confirmed Order" filter to sort results)

inspection pay.png

3) You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Mastro, Western Union, webmoney and Wire transfer, etc.

inspection pay2.png

4. Inspector conducts inspection and uploads report

You can sign in to All Inspection Orders to check if the report has been uploaded by the inspector.

5. Buyer confirms inspection report

1) Find the order and click "Check Details" under Report. (Hint: Use the "Report Uploaded" filter to show only orders with "Report Uploaded")


2) Click Inspection Reports to download a copy of the report.


6. Buyer releases payment to inspectors

After carefully verifying that the inspection report is acceptable, you can release payment to the inspector.

1) Find the order and click "Release Payment".Hint: Use the "Report Uploaded" filter)


2) Click the "Confirm" button to release payment.

Note: Please be sure that you have confirmed the inspection report before you confirm payment release.


7. The buyers give inspectors feedback

You should provide feedback regarding this inspection service within 2 months after payment is released. If no feedback is provided, a default feedback rating will be given for this inspection service.

Take the following steps to give feedback:

1) Sign in to All Inspection Orders

2) Find the order and click the "give Feedback" button. (Hint: use the "Transaction Completed" filter to sort results)


3) You can rate inspectors in three areas: industry knowledge, service quality and report accuracy. Rate each area from 1-5 stars. In addition to the star ratings, you can also leave any comments that you have on the inspection service.

Remember: you can only rate the report accuracy after you have received your shipment.


You can sign into All Inspection Orders to "Continue Feedback"when you receive your shipment, if you have already provided your first feedback.



8. Dispute

If you would like to dispute the validity of the Inspection Report, or if have any other concerns, please email us at inspection@alibaba-inc.com.

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