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How to submit a complaint for offline orders?

Please simply follow the steps below to submit your complaint. The sooner you submit the complaint, the sooner our team can investigate it:

1. Sign in to the Complaint Center with your Alibaba account (the one you used to contact the supplier);

2. Click Offline Trade Dispute under the dispute type;

complaint center.jpg

3. Enter the Email Address or Member ID or Product URL of the company you want to complain. Then click Next.

4. Fill out the complaint form and click Submit.

If you are unable to submit the case, please check the detailed error message and try again. If there is still any problem, please contact us.

Our team will review your case and contact you by phone or email. To check the status of your case, please simply:

1. Sign in to the Alibaba Complaint Center;

2. Click on the “Complaints I Submitted" tab;

3. Select the case number for your complaint.

complaints submitted.jpg

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