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What can I do if I was a victim of phishing?

1. If an opened document is confirmed as a virus carrier, you can try and save other information by backing up your work and detaching the computer from the server. Run anti-virus software in safe mode on your computer. You may also need to re-format your hard disks and re-install your operating system.

Normally, re-installing your system is the only effective method if your computer has been infected with a Trojan virus. Be careful not to back up the executable files.

Please copy the backed-up files (zip-encoded) to another computer, then use antivirus software on these compressed files before putting them to further use.

2. If you have already inputted your ID and password into a suspicious link in the phishing mail, please change your Alibaba.com account details immediately after sign in. You can also report the account to accountsecurity@service.alibaba.com for a safety evaluation.

3. Also, if you have already inputted your ID and password into a suspicious link in the phishing mail, you should take the following advice:

3.1. Please check your automatic forwarding list and remove any unknown email addresses, otherwise each emails you send to recipients will be CC’d to the hacker without you knowing.

3.2. Please also check your “associated accounts” or “associated mails” settings and remove any unknown email addresses there, otherwise hackers will also be able to sign in to your mailbox even after you have performed the actions described in 1.

3.3. Some email services can be bound to phones, which means after you edit the new password, the new password will be sent by message to the phone as well.

3.4. After the 3 steps above have been completed, we also suggest you sign in to your email account regularly to check if there are any suspicious activities related to recent sign ins. A regular check of your accounts over the next 3 weeks is enough time to see if any suspicious activity has re-occurred.

4. Notify your customers and partners immediately after encountering suspicious activity in your email accounts.

Examples of Phishing Emails. Click to learn more

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