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What kind of RFQs can not be accepted?

1. Requests not sent from a verified email address: The buyer’s email address should be verified before posting a buying request. 

2. Lack of key information: Necessary information: product name included in the subject, and other product details in the body part, such as size, color, type, place of origin, variety, and any other specifications. The more, the better. 
P.S.: there might be some special specifications in certain industries.

3. Banned or restricted products (including trademarked/branded goods): It is highly suggested to contact the owner or authorized distributor of any trademarked/branded product to buy it.

4. Duplicate Buying Request regarding the same product.

5. Small order quantity: As Alibaba.com is a wholesale platform, larger MOQ (minimum order quantity) orders tend to be preferred. Note that MOQ will vary depending on the product type. 

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