Every year on the internet, millions of email and website accounts are compromised or stolen through ‘phishing’ activities, resulting in the loss of personal and company information, as well as business revenue.
Take Action:
If you’ve received an email you believe is a phishing or spoof email, here’s how you let us know about it. Report a phishing or spoof email.
Phishing is an attempt to acquire information, such as a person’s username, password, and/or credit card details (and indirectly, money), via email by someone pretending to be a trustworthy person or company.

Usually, the sender will claim to be from Alibaba.com or a customer of Alibaba.com.

Check out some examples below:

What if I have already been a victim of phishing?

1. Change your password at once, please click here to change your password.
2. If you still find the unfamiliar behavior under your account. Please backup your files and documents, except .exe files, before disconnecting from the internet. Compress and encrypt the files and copy them to a different computer. Also, remember to scan the files with anti-virus software before you open them on the new computer.

For more information regarding account security, please visit here